Partnership Strategies & Leadership

O’Herron & Company recognizes the complexity of engaging and coordinating the numerous governmental, nonprofit, and community stakeholders involved in most environmental programs and initiatives.

Our firm has particularly deep expertise in the emerging area of environmental and land stewardship collaboratives, having been integral to the formation and launch of One Tam, Redwoods Rising, and the emerging California Collaborative Stewardship Network. Our experience with these partnerships allows us to offer a toolkit of templates and best practices to help expedite formation, avoid known pitfalls, and maximize the likelihood of collaborative success.

Services include:

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Partnership visioning & initiation

For agencies and organizations that are interested in exploring partnership options but don’t know where to begin, O’Herron & Company can help you work with stakeholders on the critical first task of defining a common partnership vision, goals, and objectives.

Formation strategies, structure & agreements

Once partners have agreed to a common vision, the right collaborative framework and agreements are essential to ensure that vision can be met. From partnership organizational structure and determining each partner’s roles and responsibilities to specific MOUs and cooperative agreements, O’Herron & Company can help set up your collaborative efforts for success.

Facilitation & program management

Multi-stakeholder partnerships take time and commitment from all parties, but it is essential to have a convener and facilitator to keep everything running smoothly and moving forward towards shared goals. O’Herron & Company can provide critical backbone support to develop work plans and budgets, facilitate meetings, and manage and track deliverables.

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Interested in learning more?

If you have any questions about our partnership visioning, strategic, and facilitation services, or if you’d like to discuss how we could help your organization do more with a new or existing partnership, don’t hesitate to reach out!