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Science communication strategy development & program management

Outreach materials

Technical writing & editing

Gillogly, M., et al. 2017. Adaptive Management Plan for Pepperwood Preserve. (Copy editing by Michelle O'Herron.)

Edson, E., Farrell, S., Fish, A., Gardali, T., Klein, J., Kuhn, W., Merkle, W., O’Herron, M., and Williams, A., eds. 2016. Measuring the Health of a Mountain: A Report on Mount Tamalpais’ Natural Resources. Also see related web content and brochure.

Brandon, K. and O’Herron, M. 2004. Parks, Projects and Policies: a Review of Three Costa Rican ICDPs. In T.O. McShane and M.P. Wells, eds. Getting Biodiversity Projects to Work: Towards More Effective Conservation and Development, 154–180. New York: Columbia University Press.

Featured articles

O'Herron M. 2018. The ascent to peak health: Measuring the state of a mountain’s natural resources. Park Science 34(1):54–59,79.

O’Herron, M. and P. Faber. January–March 2017. One Tam: Collaborative stewardship for a botanical wonder. California Native Plant Society Bulletin. 47(1): 11.

O’Herron, M. 2012. In Focus: Science partnerships at Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Park Science. 29(1): 38-39.


Science and Natural Resources Monthly Update Newsletters: 2009–2013 and October 2016–November 2018.

Newsletters and conceptual diagrams on topics related to the proposed introduction of Asian oysters (Crassostrea ariakensis) into the Chesapeake Bay.

Digital content

Web portal development and video production assistance: Health of Mt. Tam

Partnership Strategies & Leadership

Examples of previous work in this area include:

One Tam logoOne Tam

One Tam—a partnership of the Marin Municipal Water District, National Park Service, California State Parks, Marin County Parks, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy—was formed to offer a more unified approach to priority restoration projects, fundraising, and science, education, and volunteer programs on Mt. Tam. Michelle O’Herron spent three years on the core team responsible for One Tam’s formation, launch, and management. She was also instrumental in its original public engagement and communications strategy and developing compelling materials to build awareness and support for the newly launched initiative. She continues to help coordinate and deliver One Tam’s communications and public engagement activities today.

Five-year vision document: Tamalpais Lands Collaborative: One Mountain, One Vision (2014)

Redwoods Rising logoRedwoods Rising

Redwoods Rising is a partnership among Redwood National and State Parks and Save the Redwoods League focused on accelerating the pace of restoration for the parks’ previously logged redwood forests and protecting its remaining old-growth stands. Our firm is providing both strategic and technical support for Redwoods Rising’s foundational agreements, organizational structure, vision and goals setting, meeting facilitation, and the development of fundraising and other outreach materials. Michelle O’Herron is currently also facilitating the development and implementation of a communications and stakeholder strategy for the partnership.

California Landscape Stewardship Network logoCalifornia Landscape Stewardship Network

The California Landscape Stewardship Network is an emerging network of networks focused on bringing together landscape stewardship practitioners from across the state to overcome barriers to collaboration, develop and share partnership resources and efficiencies, build awareness of the value of working at scale, and increase investment among funders and legislators. O’Herron & Company is a part of the network’s core team and is also supporting its early communications and branding efforts.


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